EPIC Services and programs

Volunteer peer-led groups serving our community.


-Friends Finding Friends

Adults who are seeking social connections and companionship. This weekly meeting allows you to make new friends or enjoy time with current friends for fun activities. Join us every Wednesday 1:00-2:00 p.m.   Call for details or to sign up.

-EPIC Prayer Partners

Our EPIC Prayer partners are individuals who commit to praying regularly for our country, county, city, leaders and first responders. They offer spiritual support and encourage anyone to call them with special prayer requests.

-Epic Helpers

As they did after several past storms, including hurricane Ian, this group of men and women offered their time, skills and muscles to assist those who had storm damage and had no friends or family to help them get by until other disaster response teams could help.  Some of their work included cleaning up yard debris, securing areas of danger and removing wet carpet, drywall and furnishing. In the event of a disaster in our area, we have ready volunteers to assist the community.

-Adult and Senior Care

We offer relevant life application studies and support groups to individuals facing difficult life transitions. Our goal is to provide emotional and practical support to help people navigate these challenges and find healing and hope. Stay tuned for announcements of informative studies and support groups.

-Youth Programs

Trail Life® - EPIC has chartered with Trail Life® in the Englewood area as the premier national character development organization.  

--YOUTH Trail Life® for Boys Ages 5-18

  • WOODLANDS TRAIL: Boys ages 5 to 10 gain knowledge about outdoor skills, citizenship, character, friendship, and faith through fun activities, awards, and skilled instruction.
  • NAVIGATORS: Boys ages 11 to 13 gain understanding of their values and beliefs under the guidance of godly male role models through being responsible in outdoor adventures and in their home and school life. They explore areas of interest and earn Trail Badges for advancement.
  • ADVENTURERS: Young men ages 14-17 gain maturity in wisdom and faith through more difficult challenges and leadership activities with Christian men walking alongside. They plan and lead outdoor events and large projects while exercising leadership positions in the Troop, even mentoring some of the younger Trailmen.

-YOUTH – American Heritage Girls® ( AHG) Ages 5-18

AHG focuses on providing forward-focusing Christian programming that is rich in opportunities for girls of all ages and abilities. As girls grow and change, so should the activities that they do. With each AHG Program Level, girls are introduced to new skills, experiences (including outdoor adventures) and leadership positions, as well as given opportunities to grow closer to the Lord.

AHG’s Program Emphases creates a well-rounded experience for girls. A girl who completes the AHG Program will be a Christ-following servant leader who is honoring, relational, anchored in Christ, and competent: a woman of integrity. Experiences cover:

  • Faith     • Leadership     • Life Skills     • Outdoors   • Citizenship
  • Social Emotional Health
  • Pathfinder: Ages 5-6   
  • Tenderheart: age 6-9   
  • Explorer: Ages 9-12   
  • Pioneer: Ages 12-14   
  • Patriot: Ages 14-18

- Life Application

  • Adult Life Application Studies

  • Practical Support

  • Helping  People Navigate Challenges

  • Various Class Topics


- Resource Search

  • Connecting You to Resources for Essential Needs
  • Charlotte County Services
  • Sarasota County Services

We help connect you with other service agencies for essential needs in both Sarasota and Charlotte Counties. Get assistance in our offices Monday and Wednesday 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.


-Veterans Services

  • Identify Veterans Benefits available
  • Write and Submit Claims,
  • Helping you Gather Information for your Claim
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