Empowering People in Christ ✝️

Who we are

EPIC Community Resource Center is a faith-based Christian nonprofit public charity recognized as tax-exempt by the IRS under Section 501(c)(3). We are not affiliated with any church or denomination. EPIC stands for Empowering People in Christ.

Our Approach

We bridge the gap for Englewood

The Englewood, FL community is located both in Sarasota and Charlotte Counties. This uniquely leaves Englewood as an underserved community for Social Services as the County centers are located in both Sarasota and Port Charlotte. EPIC's purpose is to bridge that gap by providing services to our fellow citizens in need while working in conjunction with the respective Counties. This will be accomplished by partnering with existing programs currently not located in our region, providing services directly to those in need and function as a resource center for available county assistance programs.

Furthermore, the Sarasota county-wide needs assessment of 2019, revised in January of 2022, identified mental health wellness as the number one need for all age groups in our community.


EPIC will deliver and partner with organizations to provide programs which address and promote the well-being of all various age groups in our community. We will partner with organizations on-site to provide services to the homeless, at-risk, Veterans, and those struggling financially. In this way, we will fulfill the mission of EPIC Community Resource Center, with our partners, to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs in our community and to bring hope and freedom through the power of Christ.

By bringing organizations that provide resources to individuals in need to EPIC Community Resource Center offices, we will uphold a commitment: "We help those in our community, that are already helping those in need."


— Our Vision

Helping others find true freedom and a healthy, stable life.


— Our Beginninng

EPIC Community Center was founded by our President and CEO, Ronnie Jackson. God impressed on his heart to help those organizations in our town, Englewood, who are already helping those in need. While knowing God's word tells us to serve the "least of these," he had not given much thought to the needs around him on a daily basis. Once Ronnie's eyes were open, he has been amazed by the doors the Lord has opened. The vision was to partner together with like minded people, and provide a Community Resource Center to house partners already working in and around our community.

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